Considering A Maine Coon?

Though breed differences aren’t quite as commonly associated with cats as they are with dogs, there are actually quite a few different breeds. One of the most popular breeds of cats is the Maine Coon cat.

As the name implies, Maine Coons are thought to have originated from the state of Maine, possibly brought over from ancient Vikings. Legend says they are a cross between a cat and a raccoon, but this is genetically impossible.

Maine Coons are known as big, hearty, somewhat goofy cats, and they are also known for their loyalty to humans, a rather un-catlike characteristic.

They have longish fur, and they grow to between nine and 18 pounds. Their most common, breed-specific problem is hip dysplasia. Despite their long hair, Maine Coon cats do not need much in the way of grooming other than a good, weekly brushing.

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