What’s With All the Sniffing?

Every species has a particular method of greeting. Most famously for dogs, they like to sniff each other’s rear ends. Considering the fact that a dog has a sniffer that can be between 10,000 and 100,000 times more powerful than a human nose, it may seem like the unappealing aroma of the posterior area would be even worse. However, dogs have a secondary smelling system, called the Jacobson’s organ, that can actually “smell past” the unpleasant odor  and detect chemical traces of everything that is going on with their pal. Dogs can smell gender, diet, and the emotional state of the other dog as well as many other things. The idea puts the simple human greeting, “how are you,” to shame.

P.S. Dogs have three hundred million olfactory sensors in their nose compared to humans’ six million.

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