Vaccinations Explained

Why does my pet need vaccines?

Some vaccines are required by state law, such as the Rabies vaccine. Others are strongly recommended by veterinarians to help control outbreaks of dangerous illnesses. Some of these illnesses were even “zoonotic”, or transmittable to humans. Therefore, for the safety and health of our patients and their families, we encourage all owners to properly vaccinate their pets.

Do vaccines need to be given every year?

In the U.S., vaccines are licensed based on the minimum duration they can be expected to last. It is expensive to test vaccines across an expanse of years and it is not generally done. We know most vaccines last at least one year and there are some vaccines that can last three years based on how they are boostered – including Rabies vaccine and Distemper. Ask your vet about what vaccine schedule will work best for your pet.

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